4 tips for new investors on crypto investing


1. Not 'all hands'

The cryptocurrency market often experiences fluctuations, major corrections that can cause assets to rise or disappear in the blink of an eye. Therefore, in order to protect the investment (as well as blood pressure and cardiovascular system), experts advise investors not to put money down with the mentality of all hands and gambling.

Experts say to keep crypto investments under 5% of your portfolio.

“Don't put all your money into one asset class. Don't put your eggs in one basket. Don't gamble with your baby's diapers, your family's living expenses, yourself or any other money that could burden you or prevent you from achieving your goals if you lose everything," said Nate Nieri CFO of Modern Money Management in San Diego, California.

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2. Reasonable portfolio allocation

Careful with the portfolio is the further act of determining not to invest with a gambling mentality.

The advice is still: Only invest what you can lose. And it is important to review the portfolio from time to time to know how to properly allocate cash flow to potential assets and projects. To hedge against price fluctuations, investors should consider a long-term buy-and-hold strategy.

Alternatively, F0s could allocate less capital to crypto in the future or diversify through crypto-related stocks and blockchain funds instead of buying crypto directly.

3. Get used to the drop

With wet feet and dry feet participating in the cryptocurrency market, F0s have not experienced many (normal) price drops as usual for Bitcoin, so their psychology is not trained. So the expert advice for you is: "Get used to it".

According to Humphrey Yang, the personal finance expert behind Humphrey Talks, the recent slumps are nothing to worry about. However, Yang advises investors not to watch the daily price when the market is constantly falling.

“I went through the 2017 cycle. That year’s crypto crash saw Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lose 80% of their value,” Yang said.

Bill Noble, Director of Technical Analysis at Token Metrics advises F0s not to stress too much about volatility.

“The volatility is as old as the hills. It's going to keep coming and it's something you have to get used to and deal with," Bill said.

4. Beware of panic selling (In other words: Watch the price for a little bit)

When the market reacted negatively to many bad news coming in a row, widespread panic led to the triggering of sell-offs. This is the time when investors often 'sell at the bottom' and easily lose their investment results.

While experienced investors consider Bitcoin's drop to be "as normal as a pound of milk," F0s are easy to panic.

Yang offers advice: “Don't see price as the best thing you can do. When panic takes over, investors will make the wrong decisions, sell at the wrong time.”

According to a recent report from Glassnode Insights, the sell-off of F0s in response to the drop could affect Bitcoin's downward momentum.

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