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You ask me what is Primexbt? Is it difficult to make money with Primexbt, how to do it?. Do I have to deposit to the floor, what is the withdrawal limit? ok. In this article I will explain to you in turn. Hope you and I will both benefit from Primexbt trading.

Primexbt trade is a very young exchange, established in 2018, but Primexbt has attracted a large number of investors and has served hundreds of countries around the world. Primexbt reached more than 300 million USD in just about 24 trading hours, which is considered an impressive number for every investor.

Primexbt trading offers a lot of earning opportunities for its dear customers. This exchange allows clients to open up new income streams by recruiting other investors below them.

A lot of people were shocked to learn that the top referral partners on Primexbt were able to earn a total of 11 BTC earnings in just a little time. This shows how profitable a referral program can be.

B1: Register an account at Primexbt.com

B2: Marketing your affiliate in the intro

Please go to the about section to get the affiliate link for marketing!

Some ways for you to go effective marketing such as:

1. Blogging & Bringing It To Top Google

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3. Web Comparison

4. Run Ads

5. Youtube

I myself do not deposit money into the floor and according to me, the floor does not impose a min level for withdrawal, you can withdraw anytime, anywhere as long as you have money in your account.

This is my result and I have successfully withdrawn the money guys!

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