Top Trader Tyler Swope Reveals His Crypto Portfolio

 Top trader Tyler Swope reveals to his subscribers the top 10 cryptocurrencies to hold as volatility returns to the crypto market.

#1 The top crypto asset on Swope's list is Chainlink (LINK). Although Chainlink retains his top holdings, the analyst says that he has actually reduced his LINK allocation in his portfolio from 40% in October 2020 to just 24% because of the Other altcoins are making bigger profits.

#2 Alchemist (MIST) ranked in top 2 analyst crypto assets. This altcoin makes up 20% of his portfolio and its price has skyrocketed 1,000% since his first investment.

Mist is an NFT open world role-playing game ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It gives users the ability to easily exchange in-game assets without any intermediaries. In return, developers can attract new users and receive additional income from the sale of game items and tokens.

According to the trader, the project just launched in Q1 2021 and is built around NFTs, zoning and farming. Mist Universe and all its elements run on BSC with the MIST token serving as the primary in-game currency used to purchase NFTs.

#3 Bitcoin (BTC) is the next cryptocurrency. According to the analyst, he increased his holdings in the top crypto asset from 17% to 19% as BTC gained over 229% in eight months.

#4 The king of altcoins Ethereum (ETH) is next on the list as it made an impressive 469% rally from $375 in October to above $2,000 yesterday. Currently, Ether accounts for 11% of Swope's portfolio.

#5 In fifth place is Unibright (UBT). The analyst says that UBT has grown massively 300%, from just $0.30 to $1.21, pushing it from 5% to 7% of his portfolio.

#6 Finishing in sixth place is Energy Web (EWT), the token that works behind Energy Web Chain, a blockchain-based virtual machine designed to support and further develop applications for the energy sector. quantity.

The analyst noted that EWT has fallen from $6.92 in October to $5.20 this month, representing an 18% devaluation. However, he noted that he is still accumulating EWT amid the price drop and it now represents 5% of his holdings.

#7 Kusama (KSM), another project by Polkadot (DOT), is seventh on Swope's list. NSack Oct. 16. KSM is sitting at $29.50 and as of yesterday, the price is $181.21, currently o up ver 514%. This altcoin is making up 5% of his portfolio.

#8 The eighth Altcoin is Soramitsu (XOR). Sora is both a new economic system that decentralizes the concept of a central bank and a network that implements a new way to architecture a parachain blockchain that connects to the Polkadot relay chain and the ecosystem using blockchain technologies. DeFi-focused integration tool.

The strategist said he increased his holdings in XOR by converting the Sora Validator Token he received from the Sora airdrop into XOR. As a result, XOR currently accounts for 3% of its crypto portfolio.

#9 & #10 The last two altcoins on Swope's list are Rocket Pool (RPL) and Ren (REN). The two altcoins account for 3% and 1% of the assets he holds, respectively.

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